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Research on Spirituality and Health Care 

With a focus on the impact of integrating spirituality into health care systems, we use a variety of quantitative, qualitative, peer-reviewed publications, and subject matter experts to inform our courses, our guidelines, and our outreach.

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Transforming Practice in Health Settings 

To support our vision of more compassionate health care systems, we continually develop programs and tools that support health care providers who wish to integrate spiritual care into their everyday practice.

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Practitioner Wellbeing and Support 

Our practitioner wellbeing programs are designed to give practitioners of all faiths the opportunity to rest, contemplate, and refuel their commitment to helping others.

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Collaboration for Change and Tomorrow’s Leaders

We strive to bring together organizations, governments, and individuals around the globe to help us do the work of integrating spirituality into health care for everybody. This effort also includes medical and nursing school programs, as today’s students will be the ones to carry the GWish mission forward into the next generation of health care systems.

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