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As part of our mission to integrate spirituality into health care worldwide, GWish has placed a significant focus on creating guidelines that can be widely disseminated and incorporated into health settings. To that end, GWish has held international consensus conferences with the intention of developing a model of interprofessional spiritual care, ‎standards, and implementation ‎strategies. 

These consensus conferences have informed international guidelines for interprofessional spiritual care, some of which are outlined on the following websites:

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Recommended Guidelines for Palliative Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has generated a crisis of spiritual distress in healthcare settings that must prioritize urgent clinical symptom and infection control. That said, many patients are suffering greatly from spiritual distress as well: existential distress, struggles with uncertainty, despair, hopelessness, isolation, feelings of abandonment by God or others, grief, and the need for reconciliation.

For a list of recommendations on how to deal with the current environment, download “Palliative Care in the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

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